Parent Life Network FAQ

Who are you guys?

Thanks for asking. We’re the Parent Life Network, the BFF company of the Student Life Network and a division of Square Crop Studios, Inc. You may have heard of our (wildly successful) Canada’s Luckiest Student contest, famous for awarding life-changing prizes to Canadian students. Well, a growing number of us in the office have been venturing farther into “adulthood” and now we’re having babies (aaah!), so we decided to branch out and team up with our favourite baby-related sponsors and see what we could do to help out Canadian families as well. The result is Canada’s Luckiest Baby!

So, what’s this contest all about?

At the risk of making the understatement of the century, parenting is hard work. You deserve a break. Our dream is to give Canadian parents the chance to win great prizes, and it’s a recurring dream: CLB3 is the third round of Canada’s Luckiest Baby. The previous rounds surprised two lucky families with over $30,000 in prizing each time, and we can’t wait to do it again … but this time we are pulling out all the stops! CLB3 is the biggest and best prize package yet. The prize starts with a $20,000 RESP for your baby … and it only gets better from there. Throughout the contest, we’ll keep adding new prizes until the contest “due date,” when we’ll draw one lucky winner’s name!

What are the requirements?

The only requirement is that you are a Canadian over the age of 18 and enter on behalf of A Baby You Love. That baby doesn’t have to be the most talented, adorable, genius baby in the country (although we don’t doubt that they are). In fact, that baby doesn’t even have to be born yet. We’re just looking for growing families, so if you’ve got a belly bump or a little one up to age 3, you’re eligible!

Can I really win everything?

Yes, one Canadian family really will win everything. But only if they’ve opted in to all the prizes. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you every time we add a prize, so you won’t be left out.

How can I improve my chances of winning?

When you enter Canada’s Luckiest Baby, you get one entry in the contest (and that’s technically all you need to win!), but there are many ways to earn Extra Entries to boost your chances. The more entries you have from finding vouchers or completing quick tasks, the greater the odds are that your name will be drawn. To find out how to earn Extra Entries, visit the Extra Entries tab on your dashboard. We’ll be unveiling new Extra Entry opportunities throughout the contest, so keep coming back to improve your chances.

When does the contest end?

The current round of CLB ends October 29, 2015. But the prize will keep getting better until then, so check back often for new opt-ins and Extra Entry opportunities. (See rules for details.)

How will you choose the winner?

Well, we thought about having a diaper-changing showdown, but our lawyers weren’t too keen on the logistics. So, the winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entries. Yep, it’s really that simple. (See rules for details.)